Shipping Container Delivery

Here at Akama Johnson Trading we have been selling and hiring shipping containers for a lot of years. We have a dedicated team that will help from the initial quote, through until you get your shipping container delivered. We also know what we’re doing when it comes to container delivery. We have depots spread throughout the worldwide and take care to get your container delivered (or collected) for the best possible price.

Access Required for Container Delivery

As with all deliveries, it’s not just the size of the package (shipping container) you need to consider. Can the delivery truck gain access to your location? Will it be able to offload safely and be able to get off-site as well? You will need to make sure there are no obstructions for the delivery truck and keep a look out for overhead cables to ensure a HIAB can lift the shipping container into place.

Our delivery drivers are experienced and very good at what they do, but if you have any concerns regarding your location or the access to your location, please let us know during your initial enquiry.

With Akama Johnson Trading delivering shipping containers for sale and hire throughout the UK we are always looking to increase the number of depots we distribute from. When we first started out we had one main depot that all our deliveries went out from. However, as the years went by we have increased the number of delivery depots we use. We aim to increase this number in the future, to always give our customers the best price possible.

Container Delivery

Whenever we receive a purchase enquiry, we work with our network of depots to get the best delivery price possible. Our depots have varying stock levels and if we don’t currently have stock at the nearest depot to you, we’ll find the closest depot that does have stock and use that depot for your delivery.

Shipping Container Collection

With our depot locations covering a lot of the world, we do have clients that have their own transport and container lifting capability so we also offer our customers that are capable of doing so the opportunity to collect directly from our depots. We make sure the container is released once we receive payment and the client can go into the depot to collect their shipping container.

We sell and deliver containers throughout the world, so if you are looking for a shipping container whether it’s ‘New or Used’ no matter the size or if you’re looking for something bespoke, we’re sure we’ll have sold a container to someone near to you.

Sales Locations we delivered to in 2016.


We have delivered a countless number of shipping containers throughout the world and there are various methods of transport that we can use to deliver a shipping container. The number of containers that we deliver is rising year on year. We also deliver specialized containers so if you want a container for a specific job we can deliver a specialized container to you.

Planting a Delivered Shipping Container

A container needs to have a flat, level surface so that the shipping container can be planted on the ground.

For uneven surfaces, we recommend using paving slabs that will make the ground suitable for your container. We recommend the use of paving slabs at each corner of the container to allow the four corner casting of your container to sit level if your ground is uneven.

An uneven surface can result in the container not sitting straight that can mean the doors may not fully open and can cause the container body to twist over time.

Once the ground is level or has been prepared the container will be lifted and planted into place.

The area for your shipping container will need to be prepared suitably before the delivery driver arrives on site.

For more information about shipping container care, check out our container care page.

ContainerContainer – Shipping Container Loading Video

The video below shows how our shipping containers are loaded at our depots and secured before being transported.

Video: Two New ‘One Trip’ 20ft shipping Containers getting loaded at our Durham Depot ready for delivery to their new destination for another happy customer.

Customer Satisfaction

We have been delivering all kinds of shipping containers to our customers for 10+ years now and we wouldn’t be able to continue in the business if we were not doing a great job. Take a look at some of our great customer reviews. Thanks to all our customers for providing feedback.

20ft Used Shipping Container

20ft Used Container

20ft x 8ft x 8ft 6″ used cargo worthy containers available throughout the world for immediate sale/delivery. Sold on a next from stack basis – so colours may vary. Inspected to ensure wind and water tight prior to release.

Tunnel Containers

Manufactured from a standard container (usually 20ft or 40ft) – but with double end doors at both ends. Typically the solid end of the container is simply cut-off and a new set of double doors is welded in place.

10ft Refurbished/Used Container

10ft x 8ft x 8ft 6″ Used / Refurbished containers are available throughout the world. 10ft containers are cut down from larger 20ft Containers and re-fitted with a set of double doors and/ or end panel. Lock box and external re-spray included.

20ft New High Cube Container

20ft New High Cube

20 ft x 8ft x 9ft 6″ New ‘One Trip’ High Cube’s are available throughout the UK. 9ft 6″ high as opposed to the standard 8ft 6″. Useful where extra internal height is required.

20ft New Shipping Container

20ft New ‘One-Trip’ Container

20ft x 8ft x 8ft 6″ new ‘one trip’ containers available throughout the world. Generally green or blue externally. Lock box fitted on the double doors as standard. Great for secure storage, shipping or modification projects.

30ft Used / Refurbished Containers

30ft x 8ft x 8ft 6″ used/refurbished steel containers available throughout the world. Cut down from a 40ft container and re-fitted. Lock box and external re-spray included.

40ft New High Cube Container

40ft New High Cube

40ft x 8ft x 9ft 6″ New ‘One Trip’ High Cube Containers available throughout the UK. 9ft 6″ high as opposed to the standard 8ft 6″. Useful where extra internal height is required. These units offer an ideal dry space with additional headroom.