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You can immediately purchase any shipping container(s) in your location from us. We are not only a direct seller but also known to be the most reliable container inspector and logistics specialist. We offer full support in domestic and international container transportation as well.

» Container Purchasing Guideline

*Pleased be inform that min. quantity for sale will be 2 units, a pair only sometimes.

As a company that has been operational for years, we strive to offer only the best services to our clients. Therefore, we have strict guidelines that we follow and expect our clients to adhere to them as well. These guidelines are as follows;
Guaranteed Quality We can guarantee you that our new containers are thoroughly inspected based on CSC (International Convention for Safe Containers) guidelines and classified into each grade then, given the go-ahead by the Container Inspector Licensee, which we are part of.
Guarantee We offer one year guarantee for quality maintenance.
Limited Visit We understand that some clients may want to visit our site and view our products before they can proceed and make a purchase. However, we regret to inform you that this is not always possible but only limited opportunities like in case of our yard can allow it. As one of the largest and major sellers in North America, we try our best to offer the best services while maintaining the highest level of security. Our yards are always busy, and the level of traffic in and out of our yards can be stressful. This is why we avoid visits because we try to maintain the highest level of security in our yards. Apart from this, it would be technically impossible to decide which container to allocate to you since most of our containers are sold on a first come first serve basis. We ship our containers based on the order of availability, therefore making it hard to find an empty one to show you.
No Delivery in Advance Since we aspire to have a long-lasting and stable relationship with our clients, we try our best to avoid payment conflicts. With this in mind, we don't ship out containers without getting the full payment or an advanced financing approval from us.
Financing If you want to buy containers but you don't have enough capital, then we can assist you.
For the private buyer(s), we recommend to use Paypal Credit(Installment Payment). Just choose paypal credit when you proceed to check out via our online shopping mall - www.worthycontainer.com. For the business buyer(s), we can offer various equipment financing options. Simply ask us inform one-page application form and fill it out and back to us. The minimum and maximum amount we can provide is $25,000 ~ $250,000. The payment period will be between 1~5 years, with an interest rate of 4.5%~18%. We can offer equipment (container) loan and lease. We also can offer a credit line for wholesalers and re-sellers.
Pay for Delivery When you buy a container(s) from us, we will arrange a verified carrier if you want. We prefer you pay for the delivery directly to the carrier to have it delivered to your preferred destination. On the other hand, you can pick up the containers from our yard by yourself.

*Delivery rates may vary based upon extraneous factors in completing delivery such as truck accessibility (Base Rate is $200 + $2.5 x miles, in most cases for the entire Round Trip)

Pay Tax In case of we don’t collect sales tax in advance, you need to voluntarily pay sales tax or use tax if applicable. 
Pictures - Reference Please be informed that Pictures in our listings are provided for reference purposes only. Color and appearance may vary. Only the size, grade and shape of containers are guaranteed to be identical.
Payment Bank Wire, Credit Card(paypal) or Financing


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